Tara Lynn Townes – CEO of TBB Enterprises, is an impassioned speaker, author, motivator, inventor and developmental therapist. With a Masters in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University, she has over twenty years of seasoned experience working with women, children, and families as a whole. With a B.S. in Child Development, and many years of professional life coaching, and counseling, Tara is passionate about being a positive example of love and acceptance to all mankind.

As a philanthropist and mentor of the Women’s Welfare to Work program and founder of Tiny Be Mighty, Tara was recognized by the California and Connecticut State Senate and Congress for her participation and work. When her son Corey was diagnosed with a condition known as Achondroplasia or “Dwarfism”, there was little doubt in Tara’s mind that her son was born with a mighty purpose.

Tara has embarked on a personal endeavor to raise awareness about dwarfism and to offer a resolution for bullying. Thus, she invented a new cutting-edge App called Bullying Buddy, to serve as a solution to bullying and adolescent suicide. Lastly, her life’s creed is whatever we put in the universe will never return voided, so we should make it our best!



As a man of humble beginnings who went on to lead an extraordinary life, Tyrone Poole is committed to giving back. Tyrone is the V.P. of TBB Enterprises, a former 2x super bowl champion, published author, speaker, inventor, entrepreneur, TV and radio host personality, and fitness guru. Moreover, his greatest passion is the “Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation” and its three pillars: Education, Fitness, and Humanitarianism.

Tyrone graduated from Lagrange High School, where he lettered in both football and track and field. He was originally drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the first round (22nd overall). He was the first Defensive Back taken in the 1995 (NFL) Draft. Tyrone played collegiate football at Fort Valley State University. While attending Fort Valley, Tyrone was a four-year starter who became the first player from the university to be selected in the first round of the (NFL) Draft. Additionally, he also competed in Track and Field setting school records in the 100 and 200 meters. He placed in the Track and Field Outdoor National Championship his sophomore, junior and senior year.



Paige D. Wheeler is currently the CTO of Bullying Buddy and Operations Manager for Tiny Be Mighty.  Prior to her appointment, she has over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry working for JPL/Nasa, Qwest Communications and Cisco/Webex. She has extensive knowledge of hardware, software, customer, and technical support.
Paige has also volunteered for her church Loveland in Fontana, CA at the Store House of Blessing, God’s Woman Conferences, BSF International, and Holt International. Her passion is to help bring a resolution to end bullying to this world and to assist the families that have lost children and experienced this tragedy. Working with TBM/Bullying Buddy she believes is the answer. Changing the world to recognize and exhibit empathy and awaken the giant within those that feel they are less than.


Business Development and Outreach Coordinator

Devin is the Founder of #RaceToSpeakUp, an anti-bullying organization. Devin is dedicated to getting a state antibullying law passed which will keep students safe in schools from bullying and implementing mandatory antibullying classes in schools.

Devin is the Business Development and Outreach Coordinator for TBB Enterprises and Stomp Enterprises, where he works with community relations and creating marketing opportunities.

Devin designed #BehindTheScreen, an Anti-Cyberbullying Curriculum that teaches students, teachers, and parents, about cyberbullying prevention and how to be upstanders. Devin Hosts Behind The Screen – The Harms of Cyberbullying Webinar with Co-Host Psychiatrist Dr. Sundeep Randhawa, who focuses on Child and Adolescent Bullying. We have open conversations about cyberbullying prevention and discuss ways to implement the #BehindTheScreen Curriculum into schools. As the Host of Humanity Rising’s Race To Speak Up Podcast, he interviews activists, business leaders, and entrepreneurs about how they create positive changes in their communities.