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Empowerment Workshops:

  • Put the P behind your power workshop
  • My feelings and me workshop
  • Beautifully diverse population workshop
  • Empathy climate for home and school workshop
  • Empathy is the answer
  • College safety 101
  • Ultimate success life skills workshop
  • Communication Commanders workshop
  • Speak up and speak out workshop
  • Protect our elders
  • Corporate bullying awareness
  • Everything you need to know about Sexual harassment¬†


In-Person & Virtual Training

App training is available in-peron and virtually to onboard administration. Learn how to use the app efficiently with our intuitive user interface.

By the end of the process, your staff will be well-trained, empowered and armed with the knowledge, confidence, and resouces for addressing bullying and mental health.

In addition to the training and consulting sessions, Stomp support team is available via 24/7 email support.

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